The Day Back Pain Kept Me from Putting on Socks and Shoes

Can’t Even Dress Myself!

My wife helped me get my socks and shoes on. She even had to help me tie my shoes. This is so frustrating when you’re used to doing everything on your own. Little unknown fact about me, I am stubborn, I hate asking for help to do simple things. Things as simple as brushing my teeth were painful, but the worst was trying to get in the car.

So Much Misinformation!

Because there’s so much misinformation out there, we aren’t sure how to fix the pain. You can put heat on it, ice it, stretch it, get a massage, etc., but we don’t know which one is right. I’m a physical therapist and even I wasn’t sure what to do. I ended up going to the clinic, where they were able to address some of the key issues. I had to take it easy and my back continued to hurt for the rest of that week, but I could get better once I got on track.

The Problem

The problem of why that society can’t fix their back pain is because Western medicine today only addresses the symptoms. It does not address the root cause. If you have a pain in a specific area, most health care providers will just go directly to that area. However, the area where you have pain is not usually where the cause is. It’s usually elsewhere in the body and Western medicine doesn’t address that; it addresses the symptoms. So, you go to the doctor and they’ll just put you on some ibuprofen or they’ll tell you to use ice or heat. If you have acute back pain, stay away from heat. Doctors will tell you to rest and put you on anti-inflammatory medication or a muscle relaxer. For the most part, they will tell you just to wait it out, and this is just addressing the symptoms.

Does NOT Address the Cause!

Your body is not going to fix itself until you address that root cause. The root cause of back pain, except for trauma, is the muscle groups that are not in alignment and balanced with each other. You have some muscles that are very weak. Those are the muscles that are under active, and they’re not being activated enough. Then, there’s those that are overactive and they’re just working too hard. Usually, these muscle groups are opposing each other, and one is overpowering the other.

Think about this…

When you get in and out of the car, how do you do it? You always do it the same way. When you climb steps, which leg do you lead with? You usually lead with your dominant side, and you always tend to do things the same way when you’re picking things up. If you have a job that requires you to do repetitive movements, how are you doing them? If you’re not changing up your position, you’re going to create some imbalances in your body. The third thing is inactivity. We do become more inactive because we’re not getting out and doing as much. You can change that. Get out and walk or even just get out and move your body the way it was meant to move. Improper movements and positions could also be causing your back pain.

I want you to know..

You can make a difference in your back health and it doesn’t matter how severe it is. There are things that you can do and steps that you can take on your own. You don’t need a healthcare provider. There’s an old saying that says “knowledge is power.” Well, that’s false. Knowledge is not power. It’s what you do with that knowledge that counts. There’s a quote that I love that I want to leave you with.

“Action is the most important key to any success.” — Tony Robbins

All you must do is take one of those five items and make a change in your day to day life.



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Mike Uhrlaub

Mike Uhrlaub


I am a Physical Therapist and CEO/Owner of Flex Physical Therapy.