Intermittent Fasting Made Easy — Part 1 — Fear Is Not Reality

Stopped by Fear

Fear Is Not Reality


  1. Weight Loss, that’s a big one.
  2. Improved Stress Resistance in the Body. Could be physical, mental, or emotional, your body tolerates
  1. stress better
  2. You Live Longer.
  3. Improves Balance and Coordination.
  4. Improves Thinking and Memory.
  5. Prevents and Reverses Type Two Diabetes.
  6. Improve Blood Pressure
  7. Lower Resting Heart Rate
  8. Cholesterol Levels Decrease
  9. Lower Triglycerides
  10. Glucose Levels Decrease
  11. Reduce the Markers of Systemic Inflammation.
  12. Reduce Oxidative Stress: which means it lowers atherosclerosis. Because of this…
  13. Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke.
  14. Reduces Incidents of Cancer.
  15. Reduces Incidence of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  16. Improves Asthma Symptoms.
  17. Improves Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms
  18. Helps Your Body Heal Faster from Wounds and Trauma.

The truth is…

Another fear many people have with doing intermittent fasting…

TIP 1:

TIP 2:

TIP 3:

TIP 4:

TIP 5:

TIP 6:




I am a Physical Therapist and CEO/Owner of Flex Physical Therapy.

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Mike Uhrlaub

Mike Uhrlaub

I am a Physical Therapist and CEO/Owner of Flex Physical Therapy.

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